10 reasons why the Dominican Republic is good for your body and soul

The Dominican Republic is a special place. It is an ideal place for a beach vacation, for mountain trips, for adventurous, for treating yourself with some luxury; reasons are many for those who choose this country for vacation or for a new life.

Today, Getaway DR wants you to have a taste and show you why this place is such a good place to be! Read this article and if you feel it, book your next holidays and make an esteem to your body and soul!

First, let’s have a look at 5 reasons that may be good for your body during your stay at the Dominican Republic!

1. SUN – Vitamin D

Most of us start smiling when the summer comes and it’s no surprise – a little sunshine every day can boost your mood and also help to prevent a host of serious illnesses. Imagine a place where is summer all year long.For years we have been told to cover up in the sun to cut the risk of getting skin cancer. But now it seems that a little bit of sunshine on your body is actually good for you.

Studies have shown that a sensible amount of sun reduces your risk of several cancers and other serious health conditions. Rather it prevents cancer, it is good for skin conditions, it helps to lose weight and beats period problems.
These are just some example of the benefits of sun…

Beach in Las Terrenas
3S: sun, sea, sand

2. Sea & sand

The minerals that are contained in in the sea and in the sand are used in the most expensive creams and scrubs for cellulite and flaccidity problems. If you spend a period in the Dominican Republic you can say goodbye to these products for a while.

Take long walk in the water like that the water is until over your knees. After the walk, make a scrub with wet sand just as you were using a normal scrub. Massage it from the low of your feet until your hips. Your skin will be much softer and also you will fill more toned.

3. Fruits

As we already wrote in several articles, and we can’t stop to repeat; tropical fruits are amazing to our body. The benefits of this fruits and of the products made by this fruits are simply miraculous.

Pineapple at the beach
The queen of the Dominican fruits: Pineapple

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4.Aloe Vera

The Dominican Republic is one of the biggest producers of Aloe Vera plants. The Aloe Vera which is a sort of cactus from Africa has been known since millenniums for its beneficial action on the skin, notably for its protective, soothing and nourishing action for the epidermis.

The Aloe Vera, which medicinal properties are known since 5000 years, has been considered by all the civilizations as a thousand virtues plant.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera plant

The many actives substances contained by the pulp of Aloe Vera are today used in the cosmetic industry, and in epidermal treatments, because of its smoothing and re-balancing virtues, and because it permits to bring back elasticity to the skin by stimulating the collagen production.
Moreover, it can help your skin to regenerate if you get sunburned that is a really common thing when you stay in the Caribbean.                                                                                                                                          You can find an Aloe Vera plant on your way and just tear off a piece broke it in two and spread it on your skin. You will feel a relief. There is no better way to cure your sunburn.

5.Fresh seafood

As you know, Dominican Republic is an island of the Great Antilles in the Caribbean. Due to this, we are surrounded by the sea. At the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and at the Southern side of the Caribbean sea.
There are plenty of fishes and seafood in this country. So fresh, so tasty, so good. From saltwater and freshwater fish to deep water shellfish, seafood is a beloved delicacy. Seafood is nutrient-rich, serves as a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and in the reduction of common diseases. So as you embark on yet another crawfish boil or fish fry, know that the seafood you’re consuming will yield many benefits!

It has benefits on your skin, on your memory, on your eyes, it promotes heart health, boosts brainpower and much more.
So if you are in the Dominican Republic don’t forget to eat a lot of seafood. Do it at the beach, at little restaurants near the shore, in town…everywhere you will go you will have tasty seafood dishes.             Now that your body has enough reasons to come to the Dominican Republic, let’s see what about your soul?!

5 reasons why the Dominican Republic has a positive effect on your soul!

1. Extroversion

Did you know that the people of the Dominican Republic are the most extrovert people of the world? If you didn’t, you should come to explore it!
An extrovert person usually loves to hang out with people, they like to stay in the middle of attention and them just “swim” in positive feelings.

So yes, Dominicans are extrovert. They like to party, they like to talk, to communicate. They have million of relations, they make connections easily.
This type of people has a really good reaction from visitors and gives really a positive energy.

2. Positive energy

The extrovert people, the amazing nature, the weather, the happiness that you can feel all around, makes this place full of positive energy. Here you won’t see even a sad person, somebody crying. You won’t hear anybody complaining or suffer, or being hungry. The people of this island are just happy and grateful. And you will feel this environment, if you are ready to inhale this positive energy you will feel awesome and you will get back home all charged brand new.


The extraversion mixed to the positive energy gives to the people that live on this island a free-mind feature. Here there are no rules, or better, there are rules but rules here are really made to be broken.

Having fun taking the moto-taxi
Having fun taking the moto-taxi

We could start a list of things that you will experience in this country, but we prefer that you discover them by yourself.
We just tell you, if you see somebody driving and at the same time having his drink or if you see 3 or 4 persons on a motor and 20 on a car just do not ask questions to yourself. It is like this and that’s all, just go with the flow but always responsible and without exaggerating!

4.Warm and sunny weather

Warm and sunny weather are the keywords of the Dominican Republic.

Sunshine boosts levels of serotonin – the body’s natural happy hormone. That’s why we tend to feel happier and more energetic when the sun shines. Regular sun can stave off moderate depression, particularly if combined with exercise, such as a walk in the park. It’s also been shown that exercising outdoors creates more endorphins in the body than exercising indoors.

5.Variety of things to do

It is the beach that gives you relax? Is it the mountain that can switch your mind off or you prefer and adventurous experience? Do you like luxury and all inclusive or you prefer to party? Your favorite sport is golf or surfing? Or maybe do you like all of them? No problem, the Dominican Republic has it all as the slogan of the Ministry of Tourism says! Whatever you like, whatever makes you feel good here it is possible to do!

Ocoa Bay
Ocoa Bay: the only one wine producers in the Caribbean

This are some of the reasons why you should visit the Dominican Republic and have the best time of your life! Your body and soul will be grateful!

Plan your holidays with Getaway DR to have an all inclusive treatment to your body and soul!

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