NEW NAME AND LOGO Getaway Dominican Republic

As you have seen, since few days we have changed our brand name and logo. We made a change in our business, we elevate it to a national level. Bite my Vibes is Getaway Dominican Republic from now!

We have updated our contact information to reflect our recent brand name change from Bite my Vibes to Getaway Dominican Republic. We have a new email address, new website name, you will find us on the social medias by Getaway Dominican Republic and a new logo will represent our company.

Getaway Dominican Republic

We are making this changes because we decided to elevate our business on a national level in different destinations of the Dominican Republic. Our services are the same but we are going to expand them in different touristic sites of the country.
That doesn’t mean that we are no more operating in Las Terrenas, Las Terrenas is still our main product.
We continue to organize vacation packages and touristic services in Las Terrenas and Samana but from now, these packages will be available also from Punta Cana.

We are going to offer a range of activities and excursions also in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area and you can contact us also for finding your hotel, transportation, rentals here.

New experiential packages will be available on our website. There will be thematic packages, such as relax, aquatic sports, adventures, luxury and much more.
Through this packages, it will be possible to discover the real Dominican Republic practicing your hobbies and doing what you love during your vacation.

Do you like yoga? Choose our FitLife Vacation and enjoy your Caribbean holidays meanwhile you can totally switch your mind of, practice some yoga or tai-chi at the beach and enjoy the tasteful healthy dishes prepared just for you from your personal coach of Fit Life.

Do you like fishing? Choose our Fishing tour package and go on boat trip every day. Go fishing your dish and then enjoy it and cook it with your vacation group! You will love the boat trips on the beautiful waters of this country and there will be so much fun fishing, swimming and sharing nice moments with your people!

These are just some examples of our new products! We will be updating you and hope to see you soon for booking your next Caribbean Getaway with us!

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