Colonial Experience

Have you ever dreamed about walking between houses painted in bright colors making each street look like a rainbow? The Colonial Area of Santo Domingo could be one of the most colorful parts of the world you would love to admire!
The capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo is rich in history, art, culture and flavors and walking around the “Zona Colonial” (Colonial City) will make you feel like in an ancient colonial past. It is easy to explore the historical treasures of the first colonial city in the new world.
The Colonial Zone is a historical mix of styles, architecture, and decoration, you will admire the Spanish Colonial buildings and monuments as in an open-air museum and at the same time you will smell, see and taste the products and the atmosphere.
Discover the Colonial Zone one bite a time and make your authenthic Colonial Experience unforgettable!


People who are interested in art, history, culture and mostly are curious to discover one of the Colonial Zone of the world in a funny and colorful way!


Taxi tutto il giorno: 280 USD (250 per taxi, 30 per noi)

Zona Coloniale:

  • Catedral Primada
  • Parque Colon
  • Break time in Caffe Conde
  • Passeggiata tra le vie principali dove si faranno foto shooting davanti alle case coloniali colorate
  • Museo Chocolate
  • Shopping in negozi di sigari, panama, souvenir
  • Pranzo
  • Casa de Colon + Piazza Colon
  • Taxi da Zona Coloniale a Piantini
  • Blue Mall o Agora’ in base al cliente