Hidden places around Las Terrenas and Samana’

“The best gift you could have given was a lifetime of adventures” L. Carroll

Most visitors who spend their vacations in the Dominican Republic opt for places like Punta Cana or La Romana, at the eastern end of the island. Other places are reserved for travelers fleeing large resorts and luxury hotels. Samana’, on the north coast, is one of those places. The reward is impressive: the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, dense forests, national parks, an impressive coastline. And, to top the picture, those elements of which we spoke a little higher: Pure Paradise.The reward is impressive: the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, dense forests, national parks, an impressive coastline, so a real “Pure Paradise”.

Samana', Dominican Republic
Samana’, Dominican Republic

The peninsula of Samana’ is well known for beaches, lagoon and surely for the Lemon Waterfall right in the middle of the tropical Dominican forest…But beyond the experience of taking a bath in such a place, walking the few roads that go into the forest is discovering a world of small villages and isolated farmhouses where a lot of land workers live. This part of Samaná is becoming every day more an active ecotourism hub based on contact with the local reality.

Those who are familiar with the Dominican Republic and most of all the northern Samana’ area are likely to have opted for popular places such as Las Terrenas, Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Coson, Cayo Levantado and Los Haitises National park; but the peninsula is a vast, variegated land that rewards further exploration!http://getawaydominicanrepublic.com/plan-your-holiday/

There, off the path less traveled, you’ll find other sides of Samana’ and Las Terrenas, maybe even the real Dominican that seasoned visitors talk about. So there is a piece of Dominican Republic waiting for you! Here’s a list of “Hidden and secret places” in the north of the country that Getaway DR would recommend you:

  1. Noria

The “Noria”, called with this name by local people, it’s a fresh water spring located in the middle of the tropical forest in the area of El Limon. At these hidden locations, you can swim in crisp mineral-rich waters in the magical natural pool under a jungle-framed sky and feel lost completely in another time and world.

The Noria has fresh water that has been filtered by the earth, making it clear and pure that you may see straight through to some fish frolicking in the green plant life below. Let’s jump in the middle of the green forest and feel the fresh water of a natural Caribbean pool!

What to bring: swimwear, mask, sandals/flip flops and a towel and leave valuables at home.

The "Noria", Dominican Republic
The “Noria”, Dominican Republic
  1. Cueva

Are you active, adventurous and looking for some new travel experiences in the area of Samana’? The Samaná Peninsula offers to the tourists a lot of caves to explore, so we truly recommend it to our adventurous friends! Very few of visitors and tourists of Las Terrenas actually know about this hidden cave, so Getaway DR would make you discover it!
Get inside the cave, discover the beauties of the dark, it’s natural tunnel and gigantic corridors where you will see a spectacular route, rocks art and the magical whisper of an underground water. Rock climbing the walls in the cave would make you feel the real adventure in the Dominican Republic! Despite the less popularity of this natural wonder, the inside of the cave is genuine wilderness experience that you MUST DO.

What to bring: dark t-shirt, sneakers, comfortable clothes, camera,anti-mosquito spray, torch and a lot of adventure!

Cave in Samana' Region, Dominican Republic
Cave in Samana’ Region, Dominican Republic
  1. Arroyo

The “Arroyo” is a natural swimming pool situated along the street at the entrance of the little local village El Limon, just 15 minutes from Las Terrenas. The vivid blue-green color of the water is caused by the high concentration of calcium carbonate.  At the bottom of the pool, there are some table and benches dotted around the spot where generally local people have lunch or a drink.

Especially during the weekend, on Sundays, the natural place is a real meeting point for local Dominican people that celebrate the day off in their style: loud music, a lot of “Cerveza” and Rum, dancing, singing and jumping in the pool! It’s a very funny and local experience you should definitely do for the dip into the Dominican life and feel the positive vibes of Dominican people during your holidays!

What to bring:  swimwear, flip flops, a towel and a lot of curiosity and fun!

The "Arroyo", Las Terrenas
The “Arroyo”, Las Terrenas

4. Playa Ermitaño
This beach is located between Punta Cayita Honda and Punta de Leche with a length of 400 meters, surrounded by reefs and you can only access it by foot or by sea. The story of his name is so fascinating and interesting… Juan El Ermitaño was a French pirate who, repentant, landed one day on this beach, has been alone and isolated from the world during the year 1780. The legend says that after 22 years of exile, was surprisingly discovered by his former fellow corsairs who had believed him dead. But the Spaniards, astonished by his austerity and constancy, granted him the pardon, considering him almost a saint.
But as with any history of pirates that boasts, Juan El Ermitaño kept a great secret: he kept a precious booty of his time as a pirate who hid on this beach.

You can access directly by the sea and you will see exactly in front of you a postcard landscape. You will have the impression of being unique in the world in this magical place of its lush and tropical vegetation and by the beauty of its crystal clear waters.

What to bring: swimwear, mask and snorkeling accessories, flip flops, sun cream, towel, underwater camera and don’t forget to have a delicious lunch on the beach!4iyiwj

  1. Playa Escondida

Playa Escondida means “Hidden beach”, so the name already makes you understand that is a paradise corner that few people know. It’s situated right on the famous beach of La Bonita, in Las Terrenas and the majority of tourist just go and stop there but if you will walk along all the beach at the end you will find in front of you a quiet, relaxing, hidden treasure. Playa Escondida is surrounded by steep hills covered in the dense jungle; it’s open to the public and accessible via bumpy road in the middle of a short piece of forest. Perhaps most amazing, this “untouched” beach is just a short drive from Las Terrenas. With a rental car and a willingness to explore, any visitor can find their own slice of paradise in here! Bring a book, sit down alone on the beach, far away to everyone and everything and just live the moment of quiet and relax!

What to bring: swimwear, mask, flip flops, sun cream, towel, a nice book to read and a lot of relax!

Playa Escondida, Las Terrenas
Playa Escondida, Las Terrenas
  1. Salto del Lulu (Lulu Waterfall)

Salto del Lulu is a natural waterfall easy to join by a simple access and it offers the possibility of having a great swim the road to the Lulu Waterfall is the same as it takes to go to the beach, El Valle. It’s not lost, but it is important to go in a 4×4 vehicle because the road is hard and full of dip and rocks. The Lulu waterfall is not so famous like the Lemon Waterfall but it’s a truly beautiful natural open air place where you can have a dip in the water after a day in El Valle Beach. It’s an ideal place for swimming far from all the visitors and in the silent nature!

What to bring: swimwear mask, flip flops, towel, underwater camera and some action!

Don’t be just a common tourist and discover with this useful little-dated guide, the hidden places of Samana’ and Las Terrenas and live the Dominican Republic like a local! Whenever you are ready, contact Getaway DR and start to discover the hidden gems and live new adventurous travel experiences with us!

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