Nightlife in Las Terrenas

After a lazy day spent soaking up the vibrant Caribbean sun, visitors in the Dominican Republic top off their evenings with a delightful dinner, followed by a night out in town. While the people of the Dominican Republic excel in a variety of ways, they truly shine when it comes to clubbing and nightlife. The locals definitely know how to party, and they welcome visitors to join in on the endless excitement. Whether you’re looking to put on your dancing shoes or just enjoy a quiet evening sipping cocktails by the beach, the nightlife of the Dominican Republic has exactly what you’re looking for.

Las Terrenas’s nightlife scene is blazing. A Latin rhythm for all-night fun, warm weather, sandy beaches, frosty beers and perfect mojitos – yep, this isn’t the place for those with Catholic guilt complexes.

If you’re looking to get a true taste of the Dominican Republic’s partying style, be sure to check out some of the local nightclubs. These clubs are crowded by local people, great music, and a blooming atmosphere.

Bars in Pueblo de los Pescadores

Before going out you should have a tasty dinner with your friends or relatives near to the beach. Due to the fact that the nightlife here starts to be hot around 12 pm, after dinner, it is a good idea to sip a cocktail in one of the bars by the shore with some bachata in the background.

So let’s have a look what does Las Terrenas offers on a night!

There are two kinds of nightlife in Las Terrenas. One of them is made up of the bars and discos situated in the Pueblo de Los Pescadores.

The other one is not that touristy. The real Dominican clubs that you can find on the upper side of the town. There are plenty clubs, like Son Latino, really crowded on Thursday. This is a salsa, bachata, merengue place. Also, tourists use to visit this place but it is more common between local people.

The crowd, super loud music, beer and rum everywhere, cheap prices and a lot of dance. This is High Level, another club situated in the “Dominican area”. If you want to feel how Dominican truly party you should go at least once.

Pueblo de Los Pescadores is a little street surrounded by colorful houses, most of them are restaurants, bars, and discos. Here, there is a mix of local people, foreigners citizens, and tourists. The atmosphere in Pueblo de Los Pescadores is very enjoyable thanks to this multicultural style.

If you want to start the night with a drink, listening to some latin music, admire to the dancers that move with the wave of the music and maybe try to make some step with them, we suggest starting your night at Clandestino.

Here you find tasty mojitos with different flavoring. Our favorite is the chinola flavored mojito. Or you can have a fresh pina colada and so on.

Mosquito Art Bar

When the cocktails make them effect and you already loosen up after you tried some salsa or bachata, cross the street and take a look to the Mosquito Art bar.

The atmosphere is really Caribbean, it seems to step into a tropical jungle. Furnitures are savanna styled, everything is made by wood and canes. It is an art bar because paintings by contemporary artists are exhibited perpetually changing. Music is loud, beverages are tasty. There is an area with little desks and sofas and obviously the dancing floor. Music is varied between pop music, electronic and reggaeton. Definitely, this is one of the best spots in town.

Look through the terrace of Mosquito bar, you will see Reply Disco Club. This club is a warm place! Have you ever seen a movie where latin people is dancing in their way like really close, hot and sensual? Yes, this is that kind of place. With loud reggaeton music all night. Here you can really feel the latino’s warm.
So tourists looking for an authentic nightlife experience should consider spending an evening at this rowdy club.

Mosquito Art bar

These are just some of the bars and clubs of Las Terrenas. The once that we suggest that you should try during your stay. If you want to know more, do not hesitate to ask us your questions! We will be happy to help you! Meanwhile, organize your vacations to taste the real Dominican nightlife with Getaway DR!

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