What to pack for a Caribbean Holidays in Las Terrenas

” I get ideas about what’s essential when packing my suitcase”

Are you right now living the cold and grey winter and trying to survive the never ending winter?
It’s time to escape the cold and travel with us to the green and untouched destination of Las Terrenas, in the Dominican Republic.

The destination is blessed with nice weather throughout most of the year. In winter, from December to April is called high season because generally there is always the sun, great weather, fresh breeze and not a lot of humidity like during the summer months.

So, this is the best time of the year to plan your holidays in a Caribbean Island and stop dreaming about warm weather!

First of all, surely you have to be ready to make your luggage and today Getaway DR will give you the best tips for what to pack for caribbean holidays in Las Terrenas. You don’t need a lot when vacationing in a Caribbean destination and luckily the weather is mostly sunny and hot so you don’t have to pack warm clothes and boring coat. Here is a list of items that Getaway DR would recommend you to pack when traveling to Las Terrenas:

Colorful Swimsuits: these are never enough and the beach is the place to show your positive vibes and with some brightly-colored swimsuits for sure you will do it!

Colorful swimsuit of @sortofstyle in DR
Colorful swimsuit of @sortofstyle in DR

Flip Flop: for footwear is the perfect choice you will make it. You will find yourself wearing it all day and everyday so it’s a MUST HAVE during your Caribbean vacation. Bring some different kind and colors for have some variety.

Espadrilles: we think they are the comfy casual shoes that everyone should have during the summer period. Easy to pack, comfortable, light and versatile for every type of events!

Linen pants: are useful to have because of light, white and fresh. It’s the cool and fine option for dinners or your happy hour close to the seaside. So you don’t need to get dressed up but at the same time you will be elegant and chic or smart for the men.

Flip Flop for everyday
Flip Flop for everyday

T-shirt, Short, and Skirts: are the casual wear for daytime; with the exception of the five stars resorts, most of the places in Las Terrenas have a casual atmosphere. Generally, you can use white and light colored clothing and leave the dark at home for feel more the summer vibes!

Clothes for hikes through rain forests or horse rides: Las Terrenas offer you opportunities for outdoor adventure like horse riding, four wheels, ATV excursions and extreme sports… So you can bring with you some comfortable and waterproof clothes you may need! http://getawaydominicanrepublic.com/plan-your-holiday/

K-Way, must have for tropical weather
K-Way, a MUST  have for tropical weather

Sunglasses: well for me this is the must have of the MUST HAVE LIST and I don’t need to tell you why you should bring it with you I guess but I highly recommend you to bring the most colorful and cool you have with you!

Hats: it’s the most fashion and easiest way to protect your head and face from the hot tropical sun. You can show off all the hats collection you have because finally, you are on holidays: panamas, baseball caps, sombreros or elegant hats. No matter which ones you like but don’t forget to use it!

Sunglasses and summer vibes
Sunglasses and summer vibes

Small backpack: ideal item for beach and excursions, proper for carrying sunscreen, water, snacks, book and all the little necessities you need during your Caribbean holidays!

Sunscreen: don’t forget to bring with you your bottles, spray and lipstick of sunscreen of at least 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays. Be careful with the Caribbean sun and don’t play with it because you will end up burnt! It’s better to protect you from the sun with cream and you will surely have a perfect tan at the end of your holidays!


Snorkel and Mask: if you are interested of snorkeling to bring your equipment, it’s better than rent because it’s your own and plus you will save money. You can’t leave Las Terrenas without a snorkeling experience so be ready!

Underwater Camara and Camara: in Las Terrenas, you will have the unique opportunity to see radiantly beautiful landscapes, stunning sunsets, green palm forests and the turquoise waters with colorful fish… Will you want to document and remember forever your travel experience, so it’s appropriate to take a lot of pictures!

Underwater Camara
Pic taken by an Underwater Camara

K-Way or light jacket: you are going to the Caribbean so you should remember that we have tropical weather in here, so sometimes can happen that suddenly rain starts and a lightweight jacket will always save you from the water!

Bug Spray (FOR SURE): if you go to the Caribbean you MUST have and apply to you a repellent to prevent mosquito bites. They unlucky love tourists skin so be smarter than them and apply daily your spray!

Panama hat and beachwear
Panama hat and beachwear

Every one of you should remember to pack some small gifts such as clothes you don’t use anymore, toys, book, school materials and sweets to give as a present to needy people and children you will find during your stay…you can make people smile and happy just with  a little donation!

Last but not the least don’t forget to take with you all your positive vibes for live an extraordinary and memorable travel experience in Las Terrenas!

Now you know all that you need for live a 360 summer holidays and you learn all the useful advices. So let’s start to pack and let us organize your next Caribbean holidays in Las Terrenas and the Dominican Republic! http://getawaydominicanrepublic.com

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