The TOP 10 tourist attractions in Punta Cana

Punta Cana, located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, is the most important tourist destination of the country and one of the most famous resort destinations in the Caribbean.

With more than 5.9 million international passengers arriving each year, Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) is the busiest airport in the Dominican Republic and second busiest airport in the Caribbean. Punta Cana is well known as a Caribbean piece of paradise: loved for its white sand beaches, colorful bars, and family-friendly activities, tourists will find plenty to do in Punta Cana.

So, what are the most popular attraction in Punta Cana? Getaway DR will list out the TOP 10 that we prefer just for you.

  1. Playa Juanillo

Playa Juanillo, situated inside the Cap Cana community, is considered one of the most exclusive beaches of the Dominican Republic.

White sandy beach, green palm trees all along the beach, crystal blue pool-like waters and a breathtaking landscape. You will immediately fall in love with this place!

Playa Juanillo offers guests premium beach amenities and activities so you can experience a true beach vacation in luxury and excellence.

Tips: Playa Juanillo is open to the public and very easy to find. When you arrive at the security gate of Cap Cana, you may be asked for your ID, just show it and you will pass!

Playa Juanillo, Punta Cana
Playa Juanillo, Punta Cana
  1. Ojos Indigenas

Ojos Indigenas (Indigenous eyes) is one of the most visited attractions of Punta Cana and Bavaro. The Taínos, the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island, referred to the lagoons as “eyes” because of their shape, this is the reason of the name “Ojos Indigenas”.

It’s an ecological park and reserve composed by 12 lagoons where visitors can swim and underground river, known as “Yuaga”. It’s natural gem where the green forest is characterized by mangroves and tourist can visit a petting zoo with some animals common in the Dominican Republic since colonial times…

Tourist always appreciates the lush vegetation and the water that looks blue with penetrating rays of sunlight and others change their tonality, as the sun goes away from the tops of the trees.

Tips: Nearly 4 hectares of the reserve are dedicated to the Center for Sustainability, a joint project with Cornell and other American universities to survey and study native plants, birds, and insects of the area.

  1. Playa Macao

Playa Macao (Macao Beach) is considered one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic, lies on a gorgeous stretch of replenished beach surrounded by coconut palms.

It’s a public beach, very popular for water sports including surfing and kayaking, in fact, there are different surf camp that offers lessons to a lot of tourists every day. It’s a beautiful beach where you can appreciate the Caribbean nature, the quiet atmosphere and enjoy a typical lunch in some fish restaurants on the beach.

Tips: Playa Macao is very famous for waves lover if you need to plan your surf experience just contact us!

Playa Macao, Punta Cana
Playa Macao, Punta Cana
  1. Cap Cana

 Located in the heart of Punta Cana, Cap Cana is an exclusive gated community developed as an ideal luxury destination in the Caribbean. Cap Cana, for sure is one the MUST VISIT for us: includes miles of beautiful white sand beaches, protected harbor marina where you can sail, an award-winning golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.

It’s the perfect place where all the 5 stars hotels and luxury residences are situated and where people can live a unique VIP experience!

Tips: Cap Cana is the ideal place where you can go sailing in your yatches, have a golf experience and enjoy a beautiful sunset right on the Marina! 

Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
Cap Cana, Dominican Republic
  1. Coco Bongo

Coco Bongo has been recently opened and it’s a unique place to spend an unforgettable night in Punta Cana! It’s a mix between a concert, a theater, and a disco filled with dancers, trapeze artists, gymnasts, famous movie scenes, and an atmosphere of craziness and happiness.

CNN describes it as “puts Vegas nightlife to shame”: Coco Bongo is something you have to experience to understand the feeling you have while you are there!

Tips: Get ready with your tickets before to go!

Coco Bongo, Punta Cana
Coco Bongo, Punta Cana
  1. Playa Blanca

 Playa Blanca is one of our favorite beaches of the Dominican Republic because of its white sand and its quiet and elegant atmosphere. It’s situated inside the Punta Cana Resort & Club between Club Med Punta Cana and The Westin Punta Cana Resort & Club.

After a good sunbath and a fresh cocktail right on the beach, we recommend you to have some appetizers or lunch in the open air Playa Blanca Restaurant where you can have a Caribbean taste!

Tips: When you arrive at the security gate of Punta Cana Resort & Club, you may be asked for your ID, just show it and you will pass!

Playa Blanca, Punta Cana
Playa Blanca, Punta Cana
  1. Boat Tour

Discover the blissful white sands of the Dominican Republic, world-class Caribbean islands from the deck of your private state-of-the-art yacht or catamaran. Look out over the blue sea and breath in the rejuvenating air fringed with the sweet aroma distinct to these outlying islands.

Just decide which sail experience you want to live and in Punta Cana, you will find the right boat for you!

Tips: If you want to have a boat tour you should book some days before, just contact us and we will give you the best options!

  1. Swim with dolphins

One of the TOP attractions of Punta Cana is definitely the activity of swimming with dolphins. Here you have the opportunity to swim with dolphins; choose from a range of dolphin experiences suitable for all ages and swimming abilities.

The Dolphin experience offers to the guests a once in a lifetime experience of meeting some of the best animals in the world in a corner of paradise!

Tips: Are you adventure seeker? This is one of the best experience you must do in Punta Cana!

Swim with Dolphin, Punta Cana
Swim with Dolphin, Punta Cana
  1. Buggy Tour

Are you ready to go off-road in Punta Cana?

The Buggy Excursion is a funny and exciting way to discover the real Dominican Republic driving between the coffee fields and the tropical forest.

Tips: You will get so dirty, so wear easy and comfortable clothes and bring a bandanna to cover your face!

Buggy Tour, Punta Cana
Buggy Tour, Punta Cana
  1. Pearl Beach Club

During your holidays in Punta Cana, are you looking for a place where you can chill out with some good music right on the beach?

Pearl Beach is what you need: fun, cool atmosphere, amazing beach, modern ambiance and international cuisine!

Tips: If you want to experience a real Caribbean party, go and have fun on Sunday with Flamingo’s Domingo Party!

Pearl Beach, Punta Cana
Pearl Beach, Punta Cana

Punta Cana is this and much more, so get ready for your best attractions in the Caribbean and contact Getaway to have the best experience ever!

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