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Ruta del Café’: Dominican Republic’s Coffe Road Excursions

Period: during all the year

Itinerary: departure from Las Terrenas, it is half day trip to El Limon and plantations in the Sierra de Samana’

4 hours (approx.)

The Dominican Republic is world-renowned for the production of coffee and its quality. Coffee like cacao is an essential part of the economy in the Dominican Republic and it’s not a secret that the island is famous for it.

Coffee from the Dominican Republic is often called Santo Domingo and some of the Dominican most distinguished coffees are in Barahona, Ocoa, Cibao, Altura and Bani. Because of the tropical rainy weather, all around the Dominican Republic, you can easily find coffee plantations and growing area where are situated many farms as well ranches.

Coffee beans in the Dominican Republic

Bite my Vibes today will give you some info, mostly about Samana’ region, that actually right now is getting famous for the ecotourism development of the area. In the area of Samana’ Valley, there is El Limon, a small town, right close to Las Terrenas. In El Limon (famous also for the Waterfall) is living a countryside community of “Campesinos”, a rural community that works together to preserve the nature and the agricultural production.
It’s right here in this area that you can enjoy the coffee plantations and live a coffee tour that will make you live an ecotourism and sustainable travel experience. These plantation tours are generally packed with an idea of make learn more about coffee production in the Dominican Republic, appreciate the rural life of locals and at the same time feeling adventure with a four wheels ride.

Coffe Plant

So now, let’s imagine a virtual half day trip to plantation fields from Las Terrenas to Samana’ Valley!

Start your morning with some adrenaline: get your stuff ready, put some comfortable shoes and wear some casual clothes and don’t forget your Go-Pro or Camara, it will be worth it to seize the moment! Then, here we go, all together in the meeting point ready for a legendary four wheels ride. Our four wheels have the capacity of 2 people each and the tour will start from Las Terrenas, Samana’. Always the excursion tour is led by a smiling young guide who will carry through the streets of El Limon, crossing by green and lush mountains and Dominican residents’ colorful wooden homes.

Four wheels excursion in Las Terrenas

So now it’s time to enjoy an exciting ride up into the tropical forest and finally, you will get in a typical Dominican coffee plantation: you will follow your guide that will make you discover the coffee plants and beans, showing colorful fruits and make you dip in the tropical spectacular natural beauty! You will for sure learn a lot of curiosities about the region’s native plants and mostly about the coffee production around the Caribbean island.

Coffe Route Excursion in Las Terrenas

All of a sudden you can live an Indiana Jones moment on four wheels and it will be a memorable part of your life to cross the rugged terrain patch inside the Sierra of Samana’, doing off road with relatives or friends! Along the way, don’t forget to taste local agricultural products in the locals homes like fruits such as papaya, mango, banana, honey, cacao and definitely coffee.

You will observe with different eyes the types of coffee beans and smell the strong coffee taste… At the end of the excursion, you should experience a coffee tasting to try the real Dominican coffee aroma (“cupping”) with the locals happy to share a moment of joy with you!

Coffe beans of DR

The “Ruta del Cafe’ Excursion” will take into a truly unique experience of funny adventure between the coffee fields, lush green scenery, below while experiencing a real coffee cupping. We think this places will be unforgettable for any nature lovers looking for new green experience. It’s a great way to explore the remote countryside of Dominican Republic!

Coffee tasting in Dominican Republic

Don’t loose the opportunity to cross once in your life a coffee tour excursion in the Dominican Republic and contact us for have a bite of alternative and sustainable tourism close to Las Terrenas and during your holidays!