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Have a Bite of Dominican Cuisine!

“To travel is to eat”

Food in Dominican Republic is varied, rich in flavor and appetizing! It represents a great mix between African, Spanish and Tainos kitchen with a lot of elements of Latin America.

Dominican cuisine incorporates grains, especially a lot of rice, beans and other legumes and tubers like potatoes, yucca and platano (plantains) that is a kind of banana.

If you get a chance to eat in a Dominican restaurant, called generally comedor, you can taste the most famous dishes of the island such as rice and beans with chicken or pork.

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Surely you MUST try the typical Bandera Dominicana (the flag) :represents the traditional national meal consisting of a combination of arroz (white rice), habichuelas (beans), pollo guisado or res guisado (braised chicken or beef) and salad. Generally in Dominican Republic and Caribbean Islands the most common meats are chicken, pork and beef cooked a la plancha (grilled), fried or guisado that is so tasteful. Most of all pica pollo is dominican fried chicken loved by tourists and locals.

Then, we can introduce you the king of Dominican cuisine: Sancocho, traditional soup of Latin America, it’s a stew and it usually consists of pieces of meat, tubers, vegetables and a touch of sazon (typical dominican spice).

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One of the elements you can’t miss in DR is also platano(plantains), it’s one of the 500 type of bananas, it’s green and it can be eat only if it’s cooked as a vegetable. You can’t miss to try a delicious dish of tostones, fried banana that you eat like some chips. Another way to eat platano is mangu’, popular dish of mashed plantains served with eggs, fried salami and cheese for breakfast or for dinner.

Finally, how to forget the large variety of fish and seafood that you can enjoy in the typical restaurant on the beach of the seaside villages? One of the food experience YOU MUST DO is sit down on a front beach table and try a delicious and healthy pescado (fish) cooked a la plancha (grilled) or frito (fried).This is a Caribbean MUST DO that will make you feel in paradise!
 The prices are really low, for example you can have a pound of lobster for only 10 dollars…so there is really no reason to not to try this food experience!