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Discover the “Zona Colonial”, one bite a time!

Today we would like to give you some “bites” of one of the most important area of Dominican Republic: The Colonial City of Santo Domingo.

In 1492 Christopher Columbus arrived with three ships on the Hispaniola Island, this moment represents the historical discovery of a new continent and a New World: America.The city of Santo Domingo became the site of the first catholic cathedral, hospital, customs house, university and the most important institutions in the Americas. It was also the first headquarters of Spanish power in the New World.

Santo Domingo is rich in history, art, culture and flavors and walking around the “Zona Colonial” (Colonial City) will make you feel like in an ancient colonial past. It is easy to explore the historical treasures of the first colonial city in the new world and Gateway DR will give you some recommendations for live an authentic Caribbean experience:

Visit the oldest Church in the New World Catedral Primada de América

It’s the oldest church in the “New World” and is located on the Parque Colon, Santo Domingo’s TOP Touristic Attractions. Parque Colón, in front of the cathedral, is the perfect place to take a break and watch the people strolling by.

Take a walk in Calle El Conde 

Calle El Conde is the main street of the Colonial area, here you can find cafe’, souvenir shops, art galleries, street artists and street art paintings.Walking in this street will make you feel the real Caribbean colorful atmosphere

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Sit down and taste a cup of Dominican coffee

Take a break and just sit down in Cafeteria El Conde! One of the most ancient Cafes’ of Santo Domingo with wood table and chairs inside and outside on the tree-shades patio just in front of the Parque de Colon (Columbus Park). You will taste a cup of intense and sweet Dominican coffee and admire the beauty of this corner!

Explore and get lost between the “Calles”

Walk around Calle Las Damas, Calle Salome Ureña, and Calle Las Mercedes, this section is surely the most intimate and typical of Santo Domingo. You will explore the charming old streets, the colorful houses with great museums and plenty of history to tell. In many ways, you will feel like in a small town of the colonial period!

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Make a colorful photo shoot

With all the houses painted in bright colors making each street look like a rainbow, the Colonial Zone could be one of the most colorful parts of the world. It’s the perfect location for making a colorful photo shoot in front of the cute houses with large colonial windows and door with wonderfully ornate wrought iron grillwork.

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Discover the Museum of Rum and Sugar Cane

You MUST visit one of the newest museum of Santo Domingo: Museo del Ron y la Caña.

You can discover the history of this two typical elements of Dominican Republic and how they have been imported and produced. Don’t forget to enjoy a Rum Mojito at the end of the itinerary!

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Watch the beautiful Plaza de España and Visit the Alcazar de Colón

Welcome to the heart of the Colonial Zone: Plaza de España. It’s an open square surrounded by historic colonial buildings, outdoor cafe and restaurants and most of all you will appreciate the magnificent Alcazar de Colon (Columbus Palace). It was the first residence of Diego Colon, Columbus’s son and it later became a prison and then a warehouse before being completely abandoned. Don’t miss out the colonial museum inside!

Wine and Dine in Plaza de España

In front of the Alcázar de Colón, you can find many typical restaurants like the popular Pat’e Palo. Here you’ll get the chance to live the real Caribbean feel… You will smell, see and taste the products and the atmosphere and above all you will have the possibility to enjoy the sunset!

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Watch the Changing of the guard

Don’t miss the changing of the guard in the National Pantheon of Santo Domingo. This mausoleum honors the most revered of Dominican soldiers and citizens and it’s a nice bit of history.

Take a bite of Chocolate in the Choco Museum

Located in the heart of the Colonial Zone, Choco Museum is the right place for having a delicious break! The place has definitely been raised for healthy chocolate and cacao and they offer you the combination of
 chocolate with food, herbal extracts and other mind-body ingredients artisanal made.

Final drink in Santo Libre

Enjoy a night in Santo Libre! It’s not a famous tourist spot, it’s more of a “locals” neighbourhood so the atmosphere you will breathe here is absolutely different from any other nightclub and bar in Santo Domingo. Good music, great colonial decor, friendly atmosphere and beautiful people, the ideal spot for having a drink and socialize.

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The Colonial Zone is a historical mix of styles, architecture, and decoration, you will admire the Spanish Colonial buildings and monuments as in an open-air museum.
Discover the Colonial Zone one bite a time with Getaway DR and make your travel experience unforgettable!