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Dominican Republic’s secret beaches: Playa El Valle

“The perfect beach is rarely found by chance”

The coasts of the Dominican Republic are composed of sandy beaches, many of which have been spoilt by mass of tourists that every year choose DR as a destination for their holidays.
Bite my Vibes today would like to make you discover one of the secret beaches of Dominican Republic that you should visit one time in your life: Playa El Valle.

From Las Terrenas, we follow the way for Samana’ and then we cross all the peninsula to join the other side of it.
The beach can be reached by car and you will not forget easily the adventurous route to join it. Suddenly the street becomes a sandy road and before to get over there you will cross a un-deep river (better with a Jeep) and then here we are: Playa El Valle right in front of your eyes!

Unspoiled and virgin beach of Dominican Republic: El Valle

Have you ever imagined yourself in an unspoiled beach with an amazing tropical landscape, the sound of the waves and the birds flying in the silent sky?
This unspoiled virgin beach makes us feel like in a Cast Away movie… It’s surrounded by tree-covered cliffs marrying the warm feel of the sun, the cool touch of turquoise green water and the serenity of its clear blue sky.
There are no resorts nearby, so this spot is never crowded. We sit on the sandy beach, we turn around the face and we just realize we are alone in here: the sun on our faces, the breeze in our hair, the soft sand between our toes, listening to nothing but only the rumors of nature…
The sensation of finding yourself in the middle of nowhere and we can see the round earth when we look over the majestic ocean with new eyes.

For lunch, we had a typical Dominican tasting of fresh grilled fish and a fresh coconut to drink, eating and sharing the table and moment with the Dominican owners of the unique restaurant of Playa El Valle.
Don’t forget to visit the Palm forest near the beach and take a breath. We loved walking among the shady palm trees and on the left, you can see flowers, exotic palm trees, hills, and on your right is the endless ocean that seems never ends.

The area of Playa El Valle is still untouched and few locals are living here, most of them work as fishermen or in their land. This corner of the island is where you can live a real sustainable tourist experience, speaking with local people on the beach, playing with Dominican smiling children and then you will suddenly find the very essence of Dominican Republic!
In the same area of the secluded Playa El Valle, you can find the Samana’ Zipline that is exactly in the heart of nature. Here you will have an adrenaline rush while doing the zipline and you can have a truly memorable experience!
At the end of the day you can leave this piece of paradise and follow your journey to Las Terrenas through tropical forests and spots but you will take home with you a bite of Playa El Valle experience forever!
For more info about Playa El Valle and how to organize the excursion, contact Getaway DR!

Playa El Valle, one of the Dominican Republic’s secret beaches