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Let’s experience a Dominican Cafeteria

“Eat well, travel often and don’t forget to take a bite of tropical fruits”

One of the most beautiful part of travel is discover typical food of a destination and explore new places where you can enjoy the real taste of the holidays!

Surely when you go on holidays in the Caribbean Islands you would try the delicious tropical fruits!
So, where can you try and eat tropical fruits in Dominican Republic?

In this Caribbean country you will be attracted from the colorful and traditional “Caffeterias”: easy kiosk where you can taste all kind of tropical fruits like the light pineapple, the yellow bananas, the red and green mango, the tasteful papaya, the delicious watermelon and the strangest fruits like guyaba, guananaba, zapote, chinola and many others…

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There are probably many fruits you have never have seen before and in Dominican Republic you can try it for the first time and live the experience!
 You can easily enjoy your breakfast or lunch, alone or with your friends with a fresh fruit juices or a fruity “batida” (shaker) and eating a colorful fruit dish or a salty sandwich.
 In Las Terrenas, especially, we can recommend you Caffeteria Lee where the smiling staff Hector and John Lee will welcome you by preparing a plate of slices of fresh fruits with a delicious sandwich made in a very easy way!
 Cheap prices, quality of fruits and the colorful caribbean atmosphere of the Caffeteria will make you live an authenthic caribbean food experience!

The dominican caffeterias are the ideal places where you can take a bite of caribbean fruity vibes and they will certainly add a special flavour to your holiday!!

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