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Be a Pineapple

“ Be a PINEAPPLE: stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside”

Pineapple, Ananas and Piña…

Three different words for describe this extraordinary tropical fruit well known all around the world.

Famous for its intense sweetness and for the yellow color that remember the color of the sun and summer!

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The pineapple has a fascinating history that due today a symbol of hospitality.

This fruit have been discovered in 1493, when Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Caribbean found it in the middle of a tropical forest different kind of rare vegetables and fruits, including pineapples.

The European sailors were so curious in front of it, so they experienced for the first time the taste of the pineapple and then they returned to their hometown with it. According to the legend, the captain who sailed among the Caribbean Islands and Latin America, they returned to their hometown in Europe with a lot of pineapples. They use to announce their return spearing a pineapple outside their home as an invitation for the friends to share with them the happiness of the end of the voyage.

The nickname “Piña” that means pineapple in spanish language, came from the unique shape of the fruit that remember a pine cone.

In some countries, like Italy for example, pinapple is called “Ananas” that is the sinonimous of “extraordinary fruit”.
 Today pineapple is symbol of welcome, warmth and hospitality. Usually this fruit for his magic shape and his colour give us the happiness sensation of something tropical and faraway.

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